Information Overload

First Treatment

First Treatment

Today officially started treatment. 5 days of chemo, then 3 weeks off. This was the first day and there was a lot of information to digest. Met with doctor, nurse coordinator, they even did a personal Power Point presentation!

The actual chemo drug is Decitabine and it is administered via IV. It only takes an hour. However, two out of the 5 days I have lab work first so they can check my blood counts and determine if I need blood or platelet infusion. Today, only a platelet infusion. It was about the same level as last week, which is good. It means my counts had stabilized and even gone up a bit.

If you are wondering, I will not lose my hair. The are saying with me being relatively healthy otherwise, probably the biggest issue I will have is fatigue. Most of the issues should start showing up a week after treatment. They want me to drink a lot of water, stay away from sick people, and be super vigilant on washing hands and cleanliness in general. You have all seen my office desk, you know I can be clean 😉

How about those Cardinals? I was able to watch game during treatment. Interesting watching what other people do during treatment. Some type away on their laptops, others chit-chat, a lot just lay back and take a nap. With doctor and nurse visits, I didn’t really have much time to do anything else this day.

That’s all for now, gotta drink my water…


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  1. Hi Jim–
    Missing you but you’re in good hands. Your blog is definitely one of high social substance. It will make a great digest for others who are also in this battle and to those who need their awareness raised. You are a diamond in the rough, to say the least.
    Much Love
    Mary Tully

  2. Much Love coming your way, Jim

  3. Well, damn Slim!
    What was the last thing I said to you…remember?? “Take care”.
    Ok, you’ve been properly chastised, now the treatment begins. The medicos will be doing their thing, and I’ll be doing a little healing treatment too!
    I’ve got plenty of prayer time available for you, and I know a real good one JUST for you.
    Laughter is the best medicine! I’m not the short-sheet-the-bed or bed-pan-in-the-freezer type…but I have been known to do surprise underwear checks, so beware!
    Love is a universal healing agent, and should be applied liberally to the effected areas. I’ll be sending you waves of love, deep from my heart, as you go through this.

    We’ll chat soon…I want to hear about YOU, not just this stupid mds… ❤

  4. Jim,

    If you need anything, your neighborhood buddies here will be happy to pitch in! You are such a positive guy, it will go a long way in getting you through this very quickly.


    1. Thanks…my neighbors have been very helpful already. One is cutting my grass for me now.

  5. Hey Jim,
    Wonderful to hear the first round went great. Stay positive which I’m sure you will. I wouldn’t expect differently. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! We’ll definitely need a wing celebration when your done with all this!

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