Monthly Archives: April, 2011


As I write this, I am temporarily back in the hospital. On Friday, April 15 I went in for lab work and a bone marrow biopsy. After the lab work came back, we found my blood glucose levels skyrocketed into the 700’s (normal is around 100) and I had acquired steroid diabetes from the Prednisone drug I am on.  The treatment is to monitor blood levels, administer insulin as needed, and stay on a low carb, restricted sugar diet.

I will have to go home with blood glucose meter, monitor my levels, and give myself insulin injections as appropriate. This should be a temporary issue until I can get weened off Prednisone. Right now, I am down to 40mg/day from a high of 120mg when I started the drug. However, I can’t be discharged until I go through the meeting with dietitian on how to use monitor and deal with any complications. Unfortunately, since this happened on Friday and being admitted on weekend, I will have to wait till Monday for that meeting and then get discharged.

As for the biopsy, we should get the results from that in a few days. Not expecting any issues as the past ones have all been normal. My liver enzymes are all back to normal, which is very good since the liver GVHD is what caused my to get on the steroid drug in the first place.

So a little detour I have to follow in this long road, but hopefully the construction barrels will be coming down soon 🙂

Update April 19 – I am back home now and will be using some pen insulin for the next few weeks to control my blood sugar levels until we can fully taper me off the Prednisone steroid.