Monthly Archives: July, 2011

Under Control

Had another office visit and lab work July 29 and doctor says everything seems to be under control. My sugar levels are staying under 140 range (for the most part) and all my blood counts are about same as previous months. My liver enzymes have stabilized, so we tapered down the Prednisone to 10mg from 20mg per day. Also reduced my overnight insulin (Lantus) since reducing the steriod will start messing with my sugar levels. I have to be careful that my sugar levels do not get too low as that is the bigger problem when the Prednisone is reduced. The next office visit is August 26.

The Siteman Cancer Center has a yearly Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant Survivors Dinner and this years will be August 27 at Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown St Louis. It is the 18th annual dinner and they celebrate the center going over the 5000 transplant mark! Also, we are confirmed for another patient symposium, this time in Atlanta on September 10-11, sponsored by Blood and Marrow Transplant Network. Will be a busy couple of months.

Finally, I plan on doing the annual Moonlight Ramble August 13-14. I missed it last year because I had just been diagnosed, but I think I will be able to do it this time 🙂


On Course

Not much new to report on since last post. Had a follow up visit with opthamologist and eyes are pretty much back to normal. No longer need readers, just a little puffiness from the steriods. July 1 was the latest office visit with transplant doctor. My counts are pretty much the same as last month so he kept all the drugs at same dosage. Was hoping to taper down the Prednisone again, but maybe next visit at end of July. My temporary diabetes is well controlled, so he did say we will have to adjust the insulin downward before reducing next dosage of steroids, otherwise I will end up having too low blood sugar.

Found another patient conference that is going on this fall in Atlanta and this one is geared more towards people who have had bone marrow/stem cell transplants. Could be another 10 hour road trip 😉