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Calming New Year

As I ring in 2012, I am pretty much back to where I was one year ago health wise. About this time in 2011, I was getting ready to go back to work full time, my hair was at the “crew cut” stage, and my lab numbers were looking very good for being only 120 days past my transplant. This was before I ended up getting Graft vs Host Disease (GVHD) of liver,  which caused a host of problems over the rest of 2011.

2011 was a roller coaster year, so I am hoping for a more steady straight line going UP for 2012! So it is starting off good as I had my first office visit of year on January 24th (my 47th birthday!), and all the lab numbers are heading back to normal territory. I have not taken any insulin since late December and the doctor said I can just randomly check my blood sugar instead of 3 times a day until my strips run out. I will have an A1C test done in February and by then I think we can officially say my “Steroid Induced” diabetes is over.

My liver gvhd is still there, but at a very low level and being managed by a much lower dosage of drugs compared to middle of 2011. The doctor says it is just something that will take time for my liver to stop fighting with my donor stem cells. Once those numbers are back to normal range, we can stop most of the medication.

I also got another vaccination today, this one for meningococcal disease, which had to administered on its own instead of with all the other ones I had last month. Over the next few months I will get boosters for the various vaccines. Hopefully this will be the pattern over the next year with simple office visits and occasional shots for whatever is needed. I can do without those surprise admissions to hospital…. 😉

It is still hard to believe all this stuff has happened to me in past year, it seems like such a blur. Let’s hope 2012 is all focused on health 🙂


Jim (January 2012)