Monthly Archives: February, 2012

Leaping On

Since this is a leap year, I am hoping it will be a time to leap forward to better health. So far, so good as everything is going well according to my last doctor visit on February 21.

I am officially off all diabetic medication and my “steroid induced diabetes” is no more. We did an A1C test that came back 5.5, which is very good. The A1C test measures your average blood glucose control for the past 2 to 3 months. My liver enzymes are still slightly elevated due to GVHD, but the doctor said this could be my “new normal”. In any case, they are not going up, so we are just going to continue the relatively low dose of prednisone for the time being. But we did decide to stop the ursodiol, which I took to help my liver work better.

Now they are starting to ween me off the transplant rejection medicines – specifically tacrolimus. I am only taking two “tac” pills a day now, down from a high of four. This is the medicine most post-transplant patients take the longest, so getting off tacrolimus is a significant milestone. According to the doctor, it is the most important medicine for preventing complications after transplant (it is used for all sorts of transplants, not just bone marrow).

I got some more shots in last visit. These were booster shots for the ones I had in December. Lucky I don’t have a problem with needles as I have gotten poked a lot the past couple of months! More shots will come throughout the year, as they have to follow a specific schedule and formula for transplant patients (no live virus shots, for example).

Everything looks good and stable. I signed up for playing softball again this year after being on DL last season 😉

I am still being scheduled for monthly office visits, so look for another post sometime in March.