Monthly Archives: July, 2012

The Heat Is On

It has been a hot summer here in St Louis. Going through our second streak of 100+ temperatures which makes it hard to get any outdoor activities going! The doctor is always reminding me to be wary of the sun, using lots of sunscreen, which is something I never use to do.

The latest office visit went fine, a lot of my blood numbers are almost normal again. The one thing we have been dealing with the last year with the high liver enzymes is still going on, not much change from last month (even went up slightly).  So, the doctor is going to put me back on a prescription I was taking about six months ago, Ursodiol, which is really a medicine for gallstones. He is using it “off label” as it also helps the liver work better. I didn’t have any side effects taking it last time, so it should not be an issue this go around. He really doesn’t want to increase Prednisone dosage since that causes other issues. As a side benefit, Ursodiol may lower my cholesterol, which was high in last test we did. Again, the doctor is not overly concerned about the high liver enzymes – they are not off the chart – and he has seen this in patients before where it takes a long time for them to stabilize.

Speaking of my doctor, he is going to participate in Siteman Center cancer fundraiser Pedal The Cause on October 6-7, 2012. He told me he got his bike out of storage and pledged to ride 50 miles! Check out his page Keith Stockerl-Goldstein Rider Profile . I may have to look into riding myself…..

Finally, some news and events coming from the good people at Washington University and Siteman Cancer Center. First, The New York Times did a nice story about one of the Wash U. Leukemia doctors, Dr. Lukas Wartman, who ended up getting Leukemia and had to go through all the various  treatments. His doctor (which is his boss and my doctors boss), Dr. John Dipersio, talks about it in his blog. Some exciting genetic advances are being accomplished at Washington University in St Louis! In upcoming events, Siteman Day at Ballpark for St Louis Cardinals is Sept 8, which I will be going to. Even have a chance in raffle to throw out the first pitch! And on August 18, we will be going to the annual Bone Marrow Transplant Celebration Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in St Louis. Hopefully, I will get to go to another 35 or more of those dinners 😉

That’s all for now, another update in about a month.