Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Summer Stuff

Just a little post updating my latest office visit. My liver numbers are trending down, still high, but slowly getting back in range. The doctor reduced one of my medications from three pills a day to two (Mycophenalte) but still taking same dosage of Prednisone, which is the one I would like to eliminate. None of the other medications affect me much. We attended the the 19th annual Blood and Marrow Transplant Celebration for Siteman Cancer Center (my 2nd). The gathering is getting so big, they have outgrown the Lumiere Casino Four Seasons Hotel, and will probably move the event next year, as they need an even bigger ballroom. Next month, will be attending a cancer survivors night at the ole ballpark.  The two year anniversary of my transplant is coming soon, so they most likely will schedule me for another bone marrow biopsy. Should be all good, according to the monthly counts!